Many construction materials are marketed with claims of environmental friendliness or energy efficiency.  Many people may be familiar with the term “greenwashing,” but not everyone is familiar with the fact that the Federal Trade Commission has been regulating environmental marketing claims since the early 1990s.  More surprising may be the fact that the FTC’s regulatory focus is not limited to consumer products, and that the FTC evaluates not only overt marketing statements but also the use of logos, symbols and seals of approval/certifications to market goods.  When it comes to being green, therefore, you do need to watch what you say.

My recent article in the National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association magazine considers application of the FTC’s regulation of “green marketing” claims to construction products.  Read When it Comes to Green Products, Be Careful What You Say, 24 Stone, Sand & Gravel Rev. No. 3 at 18 (Sept./Oct. 2013), by clicking here.