On Feb. 7, New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed legislation regulating the presence of toxic chemicals in children’s products and apparel. The governor agreed to the legislation – the last of the bills from the 2019 legislative session to be signed – on the condition that the bills be amended in the current 2020 legislative session. Not uncommon in bills that have budgetary, substantive, or other technical flaws, the handshake agreement between the legislature and the governor to amend a bill later in the legislative session allows the executive branch to negotiate fixes to a bill without vetoing it, signaling an agreement on the general intent of legislation while recognizing the need for revisions. On Feb. 10, the legislature introduced the agreed-upon bill. Although the bill removes some flaws in the legislation, manufacturers, importers, and retailers of children’s products and apparel should closely monitor both the legislative developments as well as the regulatory and administrative proceedings that will play out over the next several years in light of this new law.

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