From Todd Sumner of GT Tallahassee:

The Governors’ Wind Energy Coalition (GWC) submitted a GWC Letter to President Obama (July 2011) which set forth a punch list of action items that the Administration should pursue in order to facilitate further development of the U.S. wind industry including the newly emerging offshore wind sector. The GWC, comprised of 24 governors (Democrats, Republicans, Independents), from diverse regions of the U.S.called for the Administration to extend for at least 7 years the production tax credit and the investment tax credit in order "to have a consistency in policy to support the continued development of and wind manufacturing in the United States."  The GWC also emphasized other steps that should be taken by the Administration including :

– establish a combined intergovernmental state-federal task force on wind energy development;

– restore collaboration on wind deployment and expand technology development;

– improve siting collaboration;

– expedite the Deployment of Offshore Wind;

– identify transmission priorities for Power Marketing Administrations; and

– release completed DOE analytical information.